My name is Jordan Levine.  I'm a researcher, videographer and artist. Transliminal Media is my documentary film and photography outfit.


I'm a Vancouver-based multilingual Canadian, who has spent much of my life abroad. 


As a multimedia artist I have a passion for using video, sound and photography to transfer knowledge across boundaries


This is true both figuratively (from academia to the public) and literally: across borders, continents, and hemispheres. 


The name TRANS /across/ LIMINAL /boundaries/ expresses this passion. 


I've been fortunate enough for my multimedia work to have taken me from Rwanda, to the Middle East, and to as far afield as Somalia. 


I have academic training in international relations (BA), Middle East area studies (MA), and a joint PhD in both sustainable development and the study of culture and cognition.


In the course of my academic work I've also conducted anthropological research alongside indigenous communities both here in Canada, and overseas. 


As co-founder of the International Development Research Network (IDRN), at UBC's Liu Institute for Global Issues (LIGI), I have a special interest in globalization, and its mixed effects on all of us, particularly the disadvantaged, and those living in the global South


If you have a multimedia project that could benefit from my expertise (including DSLR filmmaking, crafting captivating flipped-classroom content, or professional video editing) I invite you to contact me and share your vision.


phone:     1.604.618.6987

email:       transliminalmedia@gmail.com

twitter:   @transliminal